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Description of Pocket Jurassic Raptor Blue Catch Dinosaur

AR Raptor- launch the game and look around with your camera to find the Jurassic Raptors approaching you.
Get ready to kill all the Jurassic Raptors!

Use your smartphone's camera and built-in radar to search for ancient reptiles. When the dinosaur is near, you will see it through the phone camera, aim and catch his in your pocket collection!

Your Baby Raptor needs to hunt raptor blue simulator, so you have to feed him daily like a Dinogotchi.
Throw some food far away to let him hunt it or throw it in the air to let him catch it with a jump.
Catch all 9 pocket dinosaurs in order to find the main dinosaur pocket dinos
AR Jurassic Raptor Features:
1. Real environment.
2. Smooth and simple weapon control system.
3. Kill all dinosaurs.
4. Realistic dinosaurs with 3D graphics.
5. Plenty of weapons and weapon audios.
6. Augmented Reality.
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- Feed your Raptor to increase his Health and do not let him be hungry Raptor Hunter AR dinosaur simulator 2019
- Give your Raptor Water because he needs to drink
- Play with your Baby Raptor throwing Food
- Throw food in the air to let him jump and catch it
- Stroke your Raptor by touching on him to let him feel good Real Raptor Simulation Room 3D

Find now Hybrids like Stegoceratops, Spinoraptor, Raptorrex or Indo Raptor as a Jurassic Photo Sticker to stick on your Photos and send them to friends Raptor simulator 2019!

Jurassic Raptor Simulator App is a Baby Velociraptor Simulation in Augmented Reality which will grow as you play with him and feed him.

Download the game for free, Try this fresh new game today!

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